One person's incident is everyone's defense

Welcome to the FS-ISAC Security Automation Group. Our vision is a federated network of STIX-based repositories sharing intelligence in real-time.

The AVALANCHE Recipe for Success

Loose Lips Sink Ships

But when a trusted federation of member firms can securely share cyber-threat intelligence, industry security becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Strength in Numbers

Gain visibility into your vulnerabilities and supercharge your threat analyses by correlating with the shared wisdom of an entire industry.


Avalanche is built from the ground up upon the latest DHS-sponsored languages and protocols like STIX, TAXII, CybOX, and grows with them.

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The Security Automation Group of the FS-ISAC champions the use of standards based cyber threat intelligence sharing. In March of 2013, we released a beta of a centralized repository and currently have Version 1.0 in production with some of the largest financial organizations connecting daily. You too can join the community effort to reduce your cyber risks and change the way we fight security threats.

Aharon Chernin

Security Automation Group Chair

Dave Eilken

Security Automation Group Project Manager


Join the Evolution:

The FS-ISAC community welcomes you to participate in this effort and help drive the future of the platform. Request Working Group Membership Now

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